Machine Learning Advanced Lessons

Ages 12+

19 Lessons including a Project

Prepares for University or College

Prerequisites: Machine Learning Core Programming

Learn Advanced AI Machine Learning programming from your own personnel instructor. Using share screen feature we present Advanced AI Machine Learning programming concepts, do in class exercises and give out homework. Each lesson is $15hr where the first lesson is a free trial. Each lesson is about an hour. Take lesson on times convenient to you at you own pace. Lessons are available though self study or live on Skype with your own personnel instructor.

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Machine Learning Core Lesson19 Cross Validation
Lesson20 Time Series
Lesson21 Scaling and Encoding
Lesson22 Pipelining
Lesson23 Clustering
Lesson24 Segmentation
Lesson25 Feature Engineering
Lesson26 Introduction to Neural Networks
Lesson27 Neural Network Applications
Lesson28 Keras and TensorFlow
Lesson29 Image Classification
Lesson30 Image Classification2
Lesson31 AI Applications
Lesson32 Deep Learning Applications
Lesson33 Reinforcement Learning
Lesson34 Natural Language Processing
Lesson35 Adversary Attacks
Lesson36 Transformers
Lesson37 Advanced Machine Learning AI Project
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