Build Own Operating System Course

Ages 12+ Prepares for University, Grade 11 and 12

13 Lessons including Project:

Prerequisites C Programming

Learn to build your own operating system from your own personnel instructor. These lessons are very successful. Using share screen feature we present operating system programming concepts, do in class exercises and give out homework. Each lesson is about an hour. Take lesson on times convenient to you at you own pace. Lessons are available though self study or live on Skype with your own personnel instructor.

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Build own Operating System Lessons Lesson1 Setup and Bootloaders
Lesson2 Bios Input Output Functions
Lesson3 Bios Reading Disk
Lesson4 Running in 32 bit Protected mode
Lesson5 Using C language
Lesson6 Screen and Strings functions
Lesson7 Interrupts, Keyboard and Timer
Lesson8 File System
Lesson9 Scheduling
Lesson10 Mouse and Graphical Interface
Lesson11 Working with Graphical Shapes and Objects
Lesson12 Graphics Desktop
Lesson13 Graphics App Project
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