Python Programming Course

Ages 12+ Prepares for University, Grade 11 and 12

16 Lessons including a Project:

Learn Python programming from your own personnel instructor. These lessons are very successful. Using share screen feature we present Python programming concepts, do in class exercises and give out homework. If you ever dropped out of a class, because you did not understand concepts and nobody would explain things to you, then theses lessons are for you. There is always somebody to help you. Each lesson is $15hr where the first lesson is a free trial. Each lesson is about an hour. Take lesson on times convenient to you at you own pace. Lessons are available though self study or live on Skype with your own personnel instructor.

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python lessons Lesson 1 Input and Output
Lesson 2 Functions
Lesson 3 Classes
Lesson 4 Operators
Lesson 5 Lists, Sets, Tuples and Dictionaries
Lesson 6 Programming Statements
Lesson 7 File I/O
Lesson 8 List Comprehension, Iterators, Generators and Higher Order Functions
Lesson 9 Overriding, Abstract classes and Polymorphism
Lesson 10 Annotations, Typing and Generics
Lesson 11 Recursion
Lesson 12 Regular Expressions
Lesson 13 SQL and SQLite Database
Lesson 14 Python GUI
Lesson 15 Python Project
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